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Never has there been a more exciting time to be involved in the online video space. Just over a year ago,
online video accounted for 40 percent of Internet traffic; by the end of this year, Cisco predicts it will reach 50 percent. That is a staggering statistic, and we're just getting started. Online video use will only grow from here.

Vdeo distribution is now accelerating on every device. We've seen a huge jump in our video views overall but especially in our mobile video views. With the launch of our iPhone and Android application we've seen triple digit visitor and video view growth. We just launched with the Xbox and expect that to be a fast growing platform in 2012. Consumers love watching video and will watch video on whatever device is most convenient as long as there's high quality video playback and intuitive navigation. Tablet devices really lend themselves to video. We'll see a huge proliferation of video applications for tablets in 2012 that take advantage of the unique characteristics of those devices. And finally I think that cord cutting will accelerate. 

Source: 2012 Online Video Forecast - All About Connecting And Connections 
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