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If you want more traffic, better leads and higher sales figures, you have to have something to attract more visitors. They come to the Internet for social interaction, primarily, and content secondly. When they aren't talking with others, they want information. They want content. Most web sites are starved for good content on regular basis and so their traffic, leads and sales remain low.

Let me show you why you need this service and why it will pay for itself. This case study speaks for itself. The more content you post and syndicate the more traffic, leads and sales you'll get.

Direct trafffic results multiply simply by adding more content on a regular basis

Let's see how those figures translate to leads.

Direct leads results multiply simply by adding more content on a regular basis

Let me Supply Fresh, Relative Content on a Regular Basis

One of the biggest headaches associated with an online presence is content acquisition.  If you want to drive free traffic to your site on a daily basis, you need fresh content on a daily basis.  But what do most businesses do?  They put up a static web site and never update it. Or if they do, it's once a month and that's only to make sure they are 'doing something."  

And so their web presence stays dead and drives no traffic...

Many of the business sites I've looked at have very little content related to the actual niche or sub-niche the business is in. I'll often find relationship and trust-building content such as short biographies of the owner, the history of the business, or other content that the visitor really isn't there for and won't come back for a second time. 

Sound familiar?

What your visitors want is information about whatever it is they are looking for. They want information about a specific product or service. They want content related to the niche the business is involved in. They want fresh, current information not some old outdated stale information.

Content brings people to our site in the first place.  
Fresh Content will keep bringing them back.

You need a content strategy that includes publishing and syndicating content on a regular basis. Solve your number one problem -- acquiring fresh content that is relevant to your business, your products and services -- once and for all.  Sign up for our Content Publication and Syndication Service today.

Content is King!

Articles for content marketing

Google  has said it time and again:  fresh and relevant content can boost your search engine rankings and the traffic you get more than any other tactic. Content is King.  You need fresh content that is related to your business, products and services so that Google can see your business is alive and can understand what your business is about.

Most Sites that Don't Post Fresh Content Regularly

Slip Way Down The Search Engine Results  Pages

Do you know that  70% of the clicks from Google come from the FIRST THREE OR FOUR POSITIONS of the search engine results?  If you're not on the very first page at all, there's a high chance you are not getting any clicks at all from Google.  Getting on the first page involves several SEO factors, but without fresh content you don't have much of a chance.  Google loves fresh, relative content and that's what we are providing with this service -- on a daily basis. If you need SEO help, we can help with that also, and we'll be able to tell when we see your existing site.  But it all starts with fresh, related content. 

We offer two forms of Content Publication and Syndication: All Original Content and Curated Content. With both services, we study your niche or sub-niche and supply fresh content related on either a 3 day per week or 5 day per week basis.

All-Original Content

We hire professional writers to produce all-original content specific to your niche or sub-niche. The articles are a minimum of 500 words each and can go up to 750 words, and include at least one image. We only supply images that we can gain the appropriate rights to. You can supply your own images at any time. Google places the highest authority to all-original content and provides the most "link juice" through it. 

You have your choice of a 3-day per week update or a 5-day per week publishing schedule. 

All-original content carries the most weight with Google, hands-down. But if your budget won't allow for that, we offer another alternative that carries 'almost' as much weight.  It's called curated content.

Curated Content

Content curation is the art of scouring the Internet for new, fresh, authoritative content, quoting that content legally and posting it to your own web site with the required attribution (reference source).  Not just any content is selected, only relevant and current content. We watch the web daily for news stories and new articles and videos related to your niche, your business, your products and services. Curated content can solve your regular content acquisition need.

How Google Views Curated Content

Google places the most authority on all-original content, but it also likes and rewards curated content from authority sites.The number one way to get free organic traffic from the search engines is to supply fresh, relevant content on a daily basis. The best content is that from authority sites.  Google places a huge emphasis on authority sites.  If you link to authority sites from content that is relevant to your site, Google adds extra "link juice" to your site and increases its search engine rankings.  As a result, your site gets placed higher in the Google search engine results pages (SERPS).  

Some of the best-known and most-visited web sites on the Internet use Content Curation for all of their content -- sites such as Hutington Press, Tech Crunch, Mediaite and Pricey Pads.  There are hundreds of others.  One site that had curated-only content recently sold for $12 million -- that's the value of content curation.

Why Should Your Business Subscribe to this Service?

  1. Every business, entrepreneur, organisation need to produce, or publish content on a regular basis. 
  2. Creating new content on a continual basis is difficult and time-consuming.
  3. Your site can gain "authority site" status as you add fresh, original content on a regular basis. Original content presents you as the expert, the trusted source, the one that is ‘in the know’. Gaining this reputation is very valuable, it adds to your brand and builds your social capital.
  4. If you choose one of our curated content options, Google will still recognize that you are linking to authority sites and will reward you accordingly. It will not be as powerful as all-original content, but it is a close second.  Curated content is much, much better than adding content sporadically or not at all.
  5. It's relatively inexpensive -- hiring your own writers is much more expensive and requires you to manage the whole process. That takes you away from other things that demand more time than you probably now have. With our content publishing and syndication service, we do all the work for you.
  6. Content syndicated to social media networks causes conversations to stir and directs more traffic to your main site or offer.  Check out these charts to see how traffic and leads from social media multiply by simply adding more content on a regular basis.

Traffic from social media multiplies simply by adding fresh relative content

Let's see how that translates into more leads.

Content Syndication Service is Included

Syndication is the act of distributing notices all around the Internet that you have published new content.  Every piece of content we publish for you becomes a "calling card" back to your web site. The more calling cards you have out there, the easier it is for people who want what you have to find you.

Here's how it works.

Every article or video we post on your behalf is sent out to the biggest RSS feed directories and Pinging lists, which in turn gets your new content indexed quickly and delivers more links back to your site, sending you more traffic.  We syndicate the content for you, you don't have to do anything.  We're happy to explain what this means if you aren't sure what RSS feeds are and what content syndication is all about. Just email us here.

Don't Have a Web Site or a Blog?

No problem!  We have several options for you that we can discuss.  We can design a web site or blog for you, for your specific niche and business, or we can set up one or more satellite sites for you and post to those. 

We also build web sites, mobile sites, and membership sites if you need that.  If you don't have a web site or blog yet we can help.

"But I Already Post Content Regularly"

That's great!  You're ahead of most in the content acquisition area!  But have you considered satellite sites to drive traffic to your main site?  A satellite site is also often called a "feeder site" because it feeds traffic to your main site.  A satellite site is geared toward a different set of keywords, still related to your main site, but designed to attract people using different keywords than your main site uses. 

Add Authoritative Satellite Sites and Watch Your Traffic Grow!

 A Satellite Site is a virtual web property where you can post content, that links back to your main site.  Some high-traffic sites have over a dozen satellite sites feeding the main site traffic every day.  This is a very smart marketing strategy, exploiting the content marketing strategy to its peak performance. We produce complete satellite sites for less than $300, including keyword research, the mobile-enabled site itself, and original content posting and syndication. Contact us here to discuss or order satellite sites.

Use Web-2 Properties to Link to your Main Site, Offer Pages and Satellite Sites

The Internet has what's called "Web-2 Properties" which are content sites with a high Google page rank. The best ones are high-authority sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages where you can just open an account for free and post your content.  Since these sites are already high-authority in Google's eyes, you get the 'link juice' passed on to your main site, blog, and satellite sites. 

We can set up the accounts for you and publish content to 25 or more Web-2 Properties in addition to your own web site or blog. Email us to discuss this option.

Order Today!

Get started today by ordering our Content Publication and Syndication Service at the top right of this page.  We'll contact you within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) to get the details we need about your business and niche, and the site on which you'd like us to post fresh, relative content. 

Get on top of your number one web site issue:  Content Acquisition.

Get fresh, relative content on your web site or blog on a regular basis. Order using the links at the top right of this page. We look forward to serving you and getting you more traffic, better leads and increased sales.

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