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4 Pieces of Sage Healthcare Marketing Advice from Healthcare Marketers

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 10:30:38 +0000

Healthcare marketers are intensely aware of the changing industry landscape. From new regulations and technologies to the rise of consumerism, many find themselves retooling their strategies and looking for valuable advice along the way. On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 TopRank Marketing and Medicom Health Interactive are partnering for a free webinar to offer that advice [...]

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3 SEO-Changing RankBrain Tips Marketers Can’t Ignore

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 16:11:13 +0000

The way that marketers think about, talk about and implement SEO is constantly evolving. Blackhat SEO tactics that once were incredibly successful, no longer garner the results that they once did. Both search engines and online audiences have become much more sophisticated, forcing marketers to ditch the slimy SEO tactics and focus instead on providing [...]

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Must-Have Tips & Best Practices for More Effective Remarketing

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 10:30:42 +0000

  Over the past few years, online remarketing has transitioned into a no brainer practice in digital advertising; and for good reason. Typically associated with lower cost-per-lead and higher return on ad spend, remarketing has caught the eye of businesses and agencies alike. At last week’s 2016 MNSearch Summit, Director of Paid Search at CommerceHub [...]

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What You Need to Know About the Voice Search Revolution From Microsoft’s Purna Virji #MNSummit

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 18:48:45 +0000

We may not already notice the change, but voice search is all around us. Voice search can help us complete tasks when we are occupied or busy multitasking. We unconsciously change the way we search on a computer or a text search compared to when we search with our voices. With the growing interest of [...]

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Online Marketing News: Perfect Headlines, Lonely Tweets and Virtual Reality

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:30:11 +0000



Creating the Perfect Headline [Infographic]
80% of readers never get past the headline, it's important to make it count. So, how do you create the perfect headline? There are a handful of rules, keep it short, be interesting, and use numbers to name a few. This infographic has the formula to make a great headline, and some helpful explanations along the way. Social Media Today

59% Of Content Shared On Twitter Will Never Be Clicked
According to a recent study by Columbia University and the French National Institute, 59% of Tweets are never clicked. That's not great news for marketers, especially those who rely on Twitter as an integral part of their marketing strategy. The good news? There are types of content that encourage engagement on Twitter, like using a helpful and interesting headline. To do well, make the most important point of your story be your headline. Search Engine Journal

Advertisers Look to Harness Virtual Reality for Marketing Boost
With the decreasing cost of virtual reality headsets, virtual reality marketing has been on the rise. Companies that sell based on experience, like travel and automobile brands, are taking advantage of this relatively new technology to help immerse their customers in their brand story. And since the sales of virtual reality headsets are projected at $1 billion this year, it's not surprising that more consumer brands are jumping in. This technology isn't only useful for B2C customers, however. B2B organizations, especially those with a long sales cycle and a complex product, can benefit from the 'show, don't tell' nature of virtual reality. Bloomberg Technology

Snapchat opens its ad floodgates to marketers
According to PR Daily, "On Monday, the company launched “Snapchat Partners”—an application programming interface (API) that will connect marketers to ad tech developers who can build custom buying and management tools. Marketers can also partner with a vetted creative agency that can produce enticing ads." With the network growing quickly, and advertisers' rising interest, it's worth checking out the potential uses for Snapchat as part of an integrated social marketing strategy. PR Daily

inbound and outbound marketing

Facebook to Debut Canvas Organic Page Posts June 22
On Wednesday, Facebook debuted organic Canvas page posts. Meaning, when an advertiser creates a Canvas ad, they can opt to share it as an organic post on their brand's page. These full screen ads have some pretty impressive initial statistics, like a combined viewing time of 100 years in 3 months, and an average visit of 31 seconds. SocialTimes

Twitter Is Bullish on Periscope as Brands Adapt to Livestreaming's Growing Popularity
Despite discussion in the digital community about Twitter backing off on Periscope, the brand has shown a renewed investment after Periscope's recent media attention. According to AdWeek, "the company on Wednesday unveiled 140-second videos to its platform, conceptually mirroring the social platform's 140-character limit for text-based messaging." For marketers, this shows that live streaming is alive and well, so to speak, and certainly worth consideration in terms of digital marketing strategy. AdWeek

Instagram Adding Translation Button
Instagram announced the addition of a translation button which will roll out in about a month. According to the photo sharing platform, "the Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined." This addition will allow users, and potentially brands, to interact on a global level without the barrier of speaking different languages. SocialTimes

What were your top online marketing news this week?

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Search Marketing at its Finest: A Preview to #MNSummit 2016

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:30:05 +0000

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web.” – Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz For digital marketers, this quote rings all too true. For this reason, successful digital marketing requires constant self and team education and a willingness to experiment with groundbreaking tactics. In our quest to grow online ranking, traffic [...]

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8 Smart Social Media Platform Marketers Creating Awesome Content

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 10:30:37 +0000

There is an art to planning and executing on a successful social media marketing strategy. Social algorithms are constantly evolving, new networks popping up and users are adapting the way that they use social platforms. Keeping up with a steady and quality publishing schedule and engagement strategy for social media is no easy undertaking. To [...]

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12 Powerful Tips for Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:30:55 +0000

Brands are always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with their audience, build awareness and showcase what they have to offer. Over the past couple years, Twitter chats have emerged as a marketing tactic that allows brands to do just that and more. Twitter chats are public Twitter conversations that take place surrounding [...]

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5 Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing – Busted!

Mon, 20 Jun 2016 06:03:54 +0000

The popularity of influencer marketing has made the field ripe for opportunists to capitalize. That’s what happens when new trends emerge into mainstream marketing: advice and experts start popping up everywhere. Some of that advice is good, some is suspect and plenty is just pure mythology. Like a dragon – just as mythical but also potentially dangerous [...]

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Online Marketing News: Marketing Excellence Journey, YouTube Director and Emoji Targeting

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 10:30:12 +0000



How to Make Progress on Your Marketing Excellence Journey [Infographic]
Successful marketing comes down to a simple concept: Being able to measure what people want, and being able to deliver it. This inforgraphic shows how to make progress toward successful marketing. According to MarketingProfs, "the hard lesson here is that marketing organizations that want to earn or keep their seat at the corporate leadership table must focus on both sides of the analytics coin: data and metrics." MarketingProfs

YouTube Releases New ‘YouTube Director’ App to Help Businesses Create Better Video Content
YouTube has released a new app that aims to help advertisers create better video. It reportedly guides users through the video creation process with templates and step by step instructions. For those advertisers who spend over $150 and are located in one of four major metropolitan areas, they're offering on-site assistance from a professional videographer. Since Facebook has reportedly posited that all content will be video content in the near future, this could mark a turning point for digital content creators. Social Media Today

Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Target Users Who Tweet Emojis
Today is World Emoji Day! To honor this very important holiday, Twitter is now allowing advertisers to target users based on which emojis they've tweeted, or which emojis are in the Tweets with which they interact. Brands who sell a certain product with a correlated emoji, like Chipotle and Burritos, for example, can target users that are using the emoji (anyone hungry for a burrito?). This has big implications for brands, as our modern lingo is so emoji laden -- this could do wonders for sentiment analysis, real-time marketing, and even helping brands find new audiences that are interested in their offerings. AdWeek

Facebook Creates Online Creative Hub in Bid to Simplify Creation of Ads
Facebook announced the creation of their online creative hub to help make the creation of Facebook ads a more simple, collaborative process. They're calling it an online space to foster collaboration, where advertisers can work together sharing, reviewing, testing and creating ads on the platform. AdAge

58% of Facebook users who share third-party content on the network say they do so at least once a week (1)

73% of Ad Players Cite User Experience as a Major Industry Challenge
AdWeek reported that "the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Kargo and Refinery29 surveyed 283 marketers and media agency executives last month and found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of them believe that user experience needs improvement in digital marketing." This experience needs to be improved to ward off the oncoming prevalence of ad blocking software -- one of many signs that the people consuming digital content aren't enjoying the ads they're served. AdWeek

Google search analytics report adds the ability to compare queries
This week, Google quietly launched a feature in the Google Search Console analytics report that allows users to compare two search queries to each other. According to Search Engine Land, users are only allowed to compare two queries at one time, but these comparisons could prove to be invaluable to search engine marketers along with content developers. Search Engine Land

Survey: Pre-roll ads are a major barrier to watching online news videos
According to Marketing Land: "In a new international survey of web users, less than 25 percent say they watch online news video content in a typical week. Pre-roll ads are a major reason why." In fact, 35% of online news consumers avoid video news specifically because of not liking pre-roll ads. That same survey showed that online news consumers prefer text-based news by a fairly wide margin, which they described as faster and easier to consume. Marketing Land

What were your top online marketing news stories this week?

I'll be back next week with more marketing news, a special video guest star, and the usual hilarity and hullabaloo. Have something to add? Tweet me @Tiffani_Allen or @TopRank!

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SEO Cheat Sheet for Better Content Marketing

Thu, 16 Jun 2016 10:30:22 +0000

It is our job as marketers to provide our customers with quality experiences. One way we can provide a quality experience is by implementing a customer focused content marketing program. Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, including blog posts, infographics, email, podcasts, and many other content types. Every online channel provides a unique [...]

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[Free Webinar] Patient-First Marketing: 4 Steps for a More Effective Strategy

Wed, 15 Jun 2016 10:30:59 +0000

The healthcare industry is changing and creating new requirements that leave many healthcare marketers searching for a viable solution. Changing reimbursement models and new policies, regulations, technologies are some of the most talked-about changes. But the rise of consumerism is one of the biggest drivers of change as consumers become increasingly empowered and interested in [...]

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Is Your Brand Likable? 7 B2B Technology Brands Taking a Creative Approach on Facebook

Tue, 14 Jun 2016 10:30:54 +0000

Between Facebook constantly tweaking features to improve user experience and the saturation of posts from every other brand out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for B2B brands to reach their audience by utilizing Facebook marketing tactics. According to the Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs’ B2B Content Marketing: 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America report, 84% of [...]

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Should You Consider a Digital Marketing Agency That Follows Agile Marketing Principles?

Mon, 13 Jun 2016 10:30:40 +0000

A feature of mapping apps that I wish existed: agility. We’ve all been there. At the moment you mapped your route to your next destination, there was no traffic. As you’re cruising down the road you notice of trail of brake lights distantly in front of you. You pull up your map application only to [...]

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Online Marketing News: Marketer’s Don’t Trust Data, Twitter Carousel and IBM Gets Smarter

Fri, 10 Jun 2016 10:30:16 +0000

idg survey infographic

idg survey infographic

Survey: Most Marketers Use 6+ Measurement Tools But Don’t Trust the Data
New data has shown that most marketers use six or more measurement tools, but don't trust the data they're collecting. As it becomes increasingly popular to employ more than one analytics tool to help determine the ROI of your digital efforts, with 78% of marketers surveyed planning to adopt an attribution solution in the next two years, this comes as somewhat of a surprise. It begs the question, is it the data we can't trust or the interpretation? Convince and Convert

Twitter is testing carousel ads again, but a different type
The carousel is back, and not just at your local carnival. Twitter is testing out carousel ads yet again, allowing advertisers to include up to 20 Tweets. According to Marketing Land: "Brands can pick one of their own tweets, including their ads, to appear in a carousel, but they’re not limited to their own content. They can also pull in tweets from creators who are part of Twitter-owned Niche’s influencer program. And if they get a regular user’s permission, they can include that person’s tweets as well." This could be a big change for the better for influencer marketers. Marketing Land

IBM announces Watson-powered ads that think
IBM's The Weather Company plans to launch ads this fall that allow consumers to conduct remote, brand-related conversations with their expert computer via text or voice. This is a big development in online advertising, as the medium becomes increasingly smart and interactive. This could mean bigger and better things for marketers who sell complex products, or are generally curious to know what their buyers are really needing to know. Marketing Land

34% of b2b marketers say email is effective content

Google launches AdWords conversion data import solution for Salesforce
Analytics junkies of the world, unite! Google is launching AdWords conversion data for Salesforce, allowing the two platforms to sync natively rather than through various available plugins. This means better reporting -- especially the ability to tie campaigns to lead performance. This is a much needed capability between AdWords and Salesforce, and will make a difference for marketers concerned with conversion rate optimization. Search Engine Land

Streaming Video Spending to Rise by Double Digits This Year
According to eMarketer, "spending on streaming services will go up by 22% this year compared to 2015. Consumers will spend $6.62 billion on services like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix." This will surpass DVD sales, making video streaming the most popular consumer method of consuming video. What can this mean for marketers? Investing on advertising on live-streaming platforms could win you more impressions with the new generation of digital media consumers, but the rise of ad-blocking software is still a consideration that needs to be made. eMarketer

Google testing filter buttons for Shopping ads: Filter by local availability, top rated and more
In more news from Google, Search Engine Land says: "Google has started testing product filter buttons for product listing ads in the search results, including a special “In Store” filter for Local Inventory Ads. Merkle RKG spotted the test, saying the filter buttons appear to show up when superlatives like “best” or “top” or other qualifying adjectives are not used in the query." This could be a big win for retailers who sell in store and online. Search Engine Land

What were your top marketing news stories this week?

I'll be back next week with more marketing news and delightful banter. Have something to add? Tweet me @Tiffani_Allen or @toprank!


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Storytelling, Emotional Engagement, and Conquering the Status Quo: An Interview with Lee Odden

Thu, 09 Jun 2016 10:30:02 +0000

“We make decisions emotionally and then justify them logically.” That statement is one of those unattributed, unattributable quotes that pops up everywhere from neuroscience to content marketing. There’s probably a poster of it you can hang on your office door. Probably with a picture of an adorable kitten, or perhaps a whale jumping over a [...]

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[eBook] Patient-First Marketing: Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Strategy

Wed, 08 Jun 2016 10:30:34 +0000

Medicom-TopRank Marketing-Twitter-WebsiteCardPost

Patient First Marketing eBook Cover

Every function of the human body is supported by essential organs like the heart, brain and lungs. Without these vital organs, one simply can’t survive. Similarly, there are key components that are the lifeblood of a successful healthcare marketing strategy in today’s digital world.

Healthcare marketers are well aware of the major changes that the healthcare industry is experiencing. Not only are there new programs, regulations and technologies to consider, but thanks to the internet and mobile devices, consumers now have more power and desire than ever to manage their health themselves. According to Google, one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information. In addition, Google’s The Digital Journey to Wellness Study in 2012 revealed that 61% of hospital patients visited more than two hospital sites before converting.

But how can healthcare marketers adapt to industry changes and new regulations, and reach their audience effectively? By putting together a digital marketing strategy that has a strong anatomical foundation, where each piece works together to put the patient first.

TopRank Marketing has partnered with Medicom Health Interactive to create an eBook that outlines the four must-have components of a successful patient-first digital marketing strategy. The components covered include:

  • Audience Knowledge
  • Content Strategy
  • Quality User Experience
  • Reaching Your Audience Online & Offline

Of course, the eBook wouldn’t be complete without insights and stories from those healthcare marketers who are in the trenches everyday. Here’s a look at some of the insights you’ll find inside:

Pamela Maas - Chief of Business Development and Marketing Officer - Gundersen Health System

"A cost effective way to engage consumers is creating online self-care planners" - Pamela Maas (@gundersenhealth) Tweet This

Rob Birgfeld - AVP, Chief Digital Marketing Officer - Inova

"Avoid a fragmented patient experience by creating organizational & technical integrations." - @robbirgfeld Tweet This

Adam Lee - Web/Digital Marketing Manager - Adventist Health

"Exceed patient expectations by pushing outside your comfort zone & putting the patient first." - @adamleedesign Tweet This

Laura Boyd DeSmeth - Director of Digital Communications - HCA (North Texas Division)

"To reach a highly competitive market, create a multi-channel campaign with tailored messages." - @lauradesmeth Tweet This

Want to Dive Deeper Into the Anatomy of a Successful Patient-First Strategy?

Then join us for Patient-First Marketing: 4 Steps for a More Effective Strategy at 1 p.m. CST Wednesday, June 29. The free webinar will feature a deep dive into each component, as well as tips and advice from TopRank Marketing, Medicom Health Interactive and healthcare marketer Pamela Maas.

Patient-First Marketing Webinar

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Is Pinterest Still Alive & How Are Brands Using It?

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 10:30:33 +0000

Is Pinterest still alive? With the rise of Instagram, Snapchat, Blab, and other visual social media networks and apps this is a question many marketers and brands may be asking. The answer? Pinterest is most certainly alive. And, actually, it’s growing—even it’s not getting as much press as it was getting a couple years ago. [...]

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20 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Busy Digital Marketers

Mon, 06 Jun 2016 10:30:34 +0000

The interconnectivity of today’s world means that digital marketers are never “off the clock”. Just because it’s a Saturday at 5pm, that doesn’t mean that there may not be a fire that needs to be put out, or a post that needs to go live. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic for marketers to be constantly tied [...]

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Online Marketing News: Snapchat Unicorns, Periscope Moderation and Instagram Business

Fri, 03 Jun 2016 10:30:17 +0000

snapchat unicorn infographic

snapchat unicorn infographic

How Snapchat Became a Social Media Unicorn (Infographics)
Unfortunately, SocialTimes isn't referring to the mythical, fuzzy, four-legged cuddle stallions we've come to know and love. "In the tech world, unicorns are private startups that reach at least a $1 billion valuation. E-commerce has the most unicorns, with 25 percent of the total pool, while 18 percent are in internet software and services and just 5 percent are in social media. No social media unicorn seems to get more attention than Snapchat, which was recently valued at $16 billion." It would appear unicorns are more common than we were led to believe. SocialTimes

Official: Instagram adds business profiles, will tell brands how many times their organic posts are shown
Instagram has finally made it official - businesses can now have business profiles on the platform. Those profiles come with the benefits you'd expect in terms of tracking. Business pages will be able to track impressions (not views, as the Marketing Land was sure to emphasise) and understand the breakdown of their follower base according to age, gender and location. Marketing Land

Periscope Now Lets Users Moderate Comments During Broadcasts
Periscope has announced that users are now able to flag comments as abuse or spam during broadcasts. The popular live streaming service is allowing this moderation in true American fashion - by popular vote. Once a comment is flagged as abuse or spam, the application surveys a random selection of viewers for their vote - is this comment truly inappropriate? This could be a big turning point for moderation on social media, live-streaming in particular, effectively shortening the review time for flagged content. As Periscope commented: "There are no silver bullets, but we’re committed to developing tools to keep Periscope a safe and open place for people to connect in real-time." SocialTimes

Google says page speed ranking factor to use mobile page speed for mobile sites in upcoming months
Staying true to form in the commitment to mobile-friendliness, Google is planning to take mobile page speed into account when determining mobile rankings. In the last few years, Google has made leaps and bounds to ensure that sites that promote a good user experience on mobile are easy to find on mobile search, and benefit from that elevated search status. For web developers, this means that designing for mobile isn't only important for rankings now, but it will be even more so in the months to come. Search Engine Land

only 41% say that they are able to measure the ROI for their social media activities

Facebook Pages Paid for 31.68% of Total Reach in April (Report)
According to SocialTimes, "social analytics and reporting firm Locowise found that 43.28 percent of the 5,000 Facebook pages it studied in April used Facebook advertising, which accounted for 31.68 percent of their total reach." This validates the all-too-well known mantra repeated by digital marketers everywhere -- Facebook is increasingly becoming pay to play. The report also found that organic posts were only reaching, on average, 10.71 percent of a page's total audience -- down over six percent from March to April alone despite reported overall increases in organic reach. SocialTimes

Snapchat's redesigning Discover to make it more like a newsstand
Who doesn't love a good, old fashioned newsstand? Browsing the racks of shiny covers and pretty images, picking out the latest news, gossip or entertainment for your reading pleasure was once America's favorite way to consume content. Snapchat is picking up on that intrinsic desire to browse by switching up their 'Discover' feature to be more like a newsstand. Will this mean more content impressions and engagements for publishers? If so, we can expect to see even more exciting content coming from the app's top publishing partners. Digiday

Snapchat Has Reportedly Surpassed Twitter in Daily Users by Reaching 150 Million
After four years, it has finally happened -- Snapchat has surpassed Twitter's daily users, according to a Bloomberg story. AdWeek also added some additional information, saying "Snapchat has grown 50 percent year-over-year in daily users, up from 100 million at this time in 2015." With the new developments we're seeing out of the app, coupled with the stagnant growth Twitter is reporting, it's reasonable to assume that the social landscape could be seeing some big changes in the year to come in terms of market leaders and marketing strategy. AdWeek

What were your top online marketing news stories this week?

Stay tuned, next week I'll have more entertaining marketing news for your enjoyment and, of course, lovely video commentary featuring the talented Mr. Josh Nite. Have something to share? Tweet me @Tiffani_Allen or @toprank!

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Benefits of Using Instagram

13 Jun 2013 01:47:31 Z

Many business owners are unfamiliar with the benefits of using Instagram. This mobile social platform makes it easy to share photos of everything related to a company. It can be used to showcase products, company events, employees, and behind-the-scenes activities....

How to Segregate Personal from Business Social Media Accounts

18 May 2013 01:20:25 Z

There is much confusion about how to segregate personal from business social media accounts. Much of the uncertainty stems around setting up Facebook pages, but many people also use social venues such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. There are many...

Creating a Bullet Proof Marketing Strategy with OMDNA

13 May 2013 04:42:53 Z

Creating a bullet proof marketing strategy is essential for every business owner. In order to attract and retain customers, companies must develop a plan that aligns with their demographic market. To accomplish this necessitates having an understanding of the company's...

Understanding Lifetime Value of Customers

10 May 2013 03:20:37 Z

An essential aspect of marketing is understanding lifetime value of customers. Owners who take time to develop and maintain strong relationships can take their business to new heights with minimal expense. One of the greatest benefits of understanding lifetime value...

Why Video is Still Getting 70 Percent of All Internet Traffic

06 May 2013 23:42:03 Z

The topic of why video is still getting 70 percent of all Internet traffic was brought up in a recent mastermind meeting. Most people thought it was due to the popularity of YouTube, but videos can be published through many...

Hiring the Right SEO Company for Your Business

06 May 2013 22:19:01 Z

There is little doubt that hiring the right SEO company for your business can pay off handsomely. Skilled professionals can assess which online marketing strategies are best suited for your industry and overall goals. They can implement proven techniques to...

Building an Opt-In Email List

06 May 2013 22:01:13 Z

When it comes to building an opt-in email list, business owners ought to spend time developing a plan to ensure they maximize their efforts. As with all marketing endeavors there are some do's and don'ts that should be followed. One...

3 Cross Channel Marketing Tips

30 Apr 2013 00:02:36 Z

Cross channel marketing is one of the most powerful strategies business owners can use to maximize their online presence. Utilizing a variety of ad platforms, companies can tap into a larger base of consumers and expand brand recognition. Getting started...

How to Use Pinterest

24 Apr 2013 23:49:08 Z

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about how to use Pinterest to market a business. Many owners are uncertain of how this virtual bulletin board can be used to strengthen brand recognition or boost website traffic. Those who are...

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

22 Feb 2013 06:12:45 Z

Regrettably, most business professionals aren't using LinkedIn social media marketing to the fullest. People tend to create their business profile, connect with colleagues, and leave it at that, but those who take the bull by the horns can reap many...

Twitter Vine

20 Feb 2013 21:13:14 Z

There's been a lot of talk about the launch of Twitter Vine mobile service that makes use of abbreviated videos. Just as Twitter abbreviates tweets, now users can integrate six second videos to showcase products and special events. Learning how...

Online Marketing Content

14 Jan 2013 23:52:41 Z

Everyone knows online marketing content is a necessary part of conducting business via the Internet. After all, search engines are designed to deliver websites containing the information searchers are looking for. Learning how to capitalize with online marketing content will...

Social Video Marketing

10 Jan 2013 20:58:22 Z

Business owners who take advantage of social video marketing can create a tremendous amount of brand buzz as long as videos are high quality and enjoyable to watch. Learning how to produce video ads and promote them in social networks...

Facebook Email Test

09 Jan 2013 21:24:39 Z

There is a lot of talk about the Facebook email test which was unveiled the end of December 2012. The experiment is aimed at generating new revenue for the popular social networking group by assessing a $1 fee to send...

Roofer Facebook Business Fanpage

04 Dec 2012 06:48:43 Z

Will Your Roofing Business SurviveThe Death of Traditional Marketing?Amazingly Simple "PROVEN SYSTEM" To Dominate Your Local Market...

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